Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Jack Stories

Since Mom hasn't posted them, I figured I would! (Correct me if I'm wrong on anything, Mom!)

Story #1
Jack was alone in a room when Mom walked in, saw he was just standing there and had something in his hand. So Mom said, "Jack, what's in your hand?" He said, "Nothing Mommy." (The typical Jack response haha) She asked again and the response was the same. The third time, she walked over to him and held her hand out, implying that he should hand over the contraband. Asking one last time, she said, "Jack! What is in your hand?!?"
He looked up at her.... Then quickly began wiping his hands on hers, before yelling, "BUGGERS!!!" and running out of the room. hahaha LOVE my little brother

Store #2
Mom was frustrated with Jack for one thing or another and asked him to go take a seat on the steps for a time-out. ... He ignored her. She repeated her request, a little less patiently, and he, once again, ignored her lol.
Losing patience, Mom raised her voice and said, "Jack, go sit on the steps!"
He looked up at her with that adorable little condescending face of his, and said, "Mommy. You are yelling at me. And it is inappropriate."
Gritting her teeth at this point, Mom told him to go take a seat.
... He slowly grinned up at her, and said quickly, "OK!" on his way to the steps.

I can't imagine life with out him hahaha <3


HeidiTri's said...

Yep. boogers on my hand. Had to be a highlight of my parenting career.

PennyCandy said...

Buggers and making you short-tempered; you gotta love Jack cause what goes around comes around.