Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exciting News!!!

As of last night at 7 pm, I am officially part of my first college club! You are now reading the blog of the newest member of the SUNY New Paltz RECYCLING CLUB!
hahaha I know, I know, it's not the most exciting club in the world, but the recycling program here at school is really REALLY crappy! And I wanted to join a club that helps the entire community, not just the campus.
So I get to help spread the word about recycling! I actually learned a lot yesterday at the meeting, which was really cool.
AND I found out about this convention in D.C. that has to do with environmental awareness. People are going from high schools and colleges all across the country, and the girl who I spoke to yesterday said that she's hopeful that we will get enough funding from the school so that the trip will only cost about $20! I am very excited! The convention is the last weekend in February, so keep your fingers crossed that this works out and I can afford to go!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Care Instructions for Shayna

Care Instructions for Shayna
By: Stephanie Martin

1. Do not encourage dancing, but accept that it will happen.
2. Don't let her eat a whole bar of chocolate, she will never sleep.
3. Too much choffee, and she will talk all night.
4. Ignore her LOST addiction, and her terrified shrieks every eight minutes.
5. Make sure no attractive people are in the hall when she tries to do high pockets.
6. Number six was regretfully too inappropriate to post onto this blog.
7. She will talk about boys ALL THE TIME, nod and laugh a little. -kidding
*She likes to hide in the closet, sing, and color. But she's relatively harmless*
(Previous Caretaker)

1st Week Back to School

This past week has definitely, by far, been one of the most eventful weeks at school since my first day at New Paltz back in August.
On Sunday, my dad dropped me off to school and I quickly began unpacking, needing to fill the void of the lack of Steph (my old roommate). One of my best friends here at school, Simone, came over and hung out with me while I unpacked everything. I later went over to her room to relax with her while she unpacked.
Monday morning, Simone and I got brunch together and then we returned to our own rooms to continue unpacking. Later, one of the girls from the room next door returned to school and she agreed to be my new roommate. This will be good for her because she was in a triple (she had 2 other roommates, instead of one) and now she will have more room for all of her stuff, but she's still near her old roommates! That night, I enjoyed a HUGE dinner with all of my girlfriends in the dining hall. It was so good to see all of them again!
Tuesday brought the first day of classes! I was up bright and early at 8 AM!! My general English teacher is totally awesome, she's a Graduate student and it's obvious that she loves teaching English. My Ancient World professor is... a different story. He's from Japan, so he has a very thick accent which is difficult to understand, but overall, he's a very sweet man. When I got done with my classes at 10:40 am (!!!) I headed over to school book store to buy my books for the semester... This is where I fell down a flight of stairs. That was very fun, let me tell you. After my fall, I hobbled back to my dorm where one of my best friends, Sarah, came over and we watched the inauguration ceremony and I had a bowl of soup. Later that afternoon I did some yoga to try to stretch out my back and neck.
Wednesday morning I discovered that I am registered for the wrong Spanish class. That afternoon I hung out in my bed with a heating pad, because my back had become very swollen over night (Mom and Lisa later yelled at me when I told them I was using heat, not ice... oops!). Wednesday night was the Season Premiere of LOST!!!!!
On Thursday, I RE-watched the season premiere of Lost online because it was soooo good! I also had a surprise visit from my old roommate, Stephanie!! She took me and a few of her other friends out to lunch and then I went back to my room to do some cleaning and some work... That night my new roommate and I had to sign some more papers so that she can move in this weekend. After we had dinner, Steph and our friend Shann came back to my room and we just hung around for a while. At this point, Steph made a list entitled, "Care Instructions for Shayna," for my new roommate Sara. It was very funny. Stephanie left around 8:30 and it was very sad... I really miss her :-(
Today is Friday and I'm still trying to straighten out my Spanish class. I had two classes today and I've had two lunches: 1) With Sarah and our friend Mike, and 2) with Shannon and her roommate Katie (I didn't really eat much during the second lunch). I still need to take a shower and I need to do some laundry... I also have to pack because I need to get on a bus tomorrow morning at 8:30 to go back up to Albany for the sign committee for the Saratoga Dance Flurry.
With all that being said, I've had a very eventful first week and I should probably get going on all of the things that I need to do today :-/
Also, now that I'm back at school, I'll hopefully be writing more often!