Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Could Be Sisters :-P

Just in Case people are still concerned because I never used to look like mom and we really thought that I belonged to Aunt Belinda... Take a look at this.
But it's ok. I love her.

Top Ten

Inspired by my Mom's Top Ten lists:
The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love the Christmas Season~

10. Presents (of course)

9. Buying presents (or making them!)

8. Christmas Music that starts days before Thanksgiving!!!! (and that I drive my parents and my roommate crazy with!)

7. Making Christmas cookies at Moma's house (My Grandma)

6. The Food

5. SNOW!!!!!

4. Celebrating with Jenn! (My best friend since we were 2)

3. The Memories: When I was a kid and lived at my grandparent's house, I loved running down the hall and turning the corner every Christmas morning when it was still dark outside to be able to see the giant Christmas tree and all of the presents underneath it!

2. The Family

1. Spending Christmas day with Jack and Mackenzie