Friday, February 19, 2010

Videos From The Saratoga Dance Flurry

Some Pictures from the Past Few Months

Me and My Roommate <3

Me and My Mom at Christmas Dinner at My Grandparents House hahaha <3>

My Dad Playing Sax at the Dance Flurry!

Myself and Omar at the Dance Flurry!

2 Jack Stories

Since Mom hasn't posted them, I figured I would! (Correct me if I'm wrong on anything, Mom!)

Story #1
Jack was alone in a room when Mom walked in, saw he was just standing there and had something in his hand. So Mom said, "Jack, what's in your hand?" He said, "Nothing Mommy." (The typical Jack response haha) She asked again and the response was the same. The third time, she walked over to him and held her hand out, implying that he should hand over the contraband. Asking one last time, she said, "Jack! What is in your hand?!?"
He looked up at her.... Then quickly began wiping his hands on hers, before yelling, "BUGGERS!!!" and running out of the room. hahaha LOVE my little brother

Store #2
Mom was frustrated with Jack for one thing or another and asked him to go take a seat on the steps for a time-out. ... He ignored her. She repeated her request, a little less patiently, and he, once again, ignored her lol.
Losing patience, Mom raised her voice and said, "Jack, go sit on the steps!"
He looked up at her with that adorable little condescending face of his, and said, "Mommy. You are yelling at me. And it is inappropriate."
Gritting her teeth at this point, Mom told him to go take a seat.
... He slowly grinned up at her, and said quickly, "OK!" on his way to the steps.

I can't imagine life with out him hahaha <3

Long Time Coming!

So, I haven't written in my blog in FOREVER!!! There's a lot to catch everyone up on! So let's start back at last semester!
I had a rough ending last semester due to several things. The first was that I missed a week and a half of classes in a row due to a throat infection that actually landed me in the ER one night (lucky I was already home, so my mom was able to be with me!) Missing that week and a half really set me back in school work and it was difficult to fully communicate with all of my professors what they were expected to be handed in and when.
The second set back was that I wasn't really in the mood to be at school. I had a really rough semester in really just wanting to be home... which I think had a large part to do with constantly being sick :-/
The third, and most horrible of all 3 things, was that one of my best friends from high school was killed in a drunken car crash. He was a very good friend to me and even though I hadn't seen him in a year and a half, we still talked at least twice a week, every week. Thankfully (for my grades and my mental health), this did not happen until the first week I was back home for my winter break.
Due to this last event, I had a severely difficult winter break. I became very secluded, didn't want to eat or talk to anyone. I wasn't able to sleep at all (and still to this day have some nights where I can't sleep because he's on my mind) and I wasn't eating. I did, however, have a job at a local store called The Rugged Bear, which kept me occupied and my mind off of things.
Other than that, my winter break was rather uneventful.
I decided, after much deliberation with my parents, grandparents, and other role figures in my life, that I was going to return to New Paltz this spring semester.
I feel that I am doing much better now. I am surrounding myself with friends and positive activities and staying away from situations that I know will put me in a depressed mood again. Classes are going well, my roommate and I are getting along better than ever, and I have recently become more involved in some clubs and organizations that I was already part of.
On top of this, keeping busy with school work has left me with little to no time to think about unpleasant things :-)
This past weekend I stayed with some family friends up in Saratoga so that I could attend the Saratoga Dance Flurry, which is an annual dance festival that I work on signs for in return for free admission (which would be close to $90 if I didn't!). I had sooo much fun this year! I got to spend time with our family friends and their little son who is Jack's age, as well as a friend who I grew up knowing as an Uncle figure, our friend Omar. This is the only weekend I get to see him every year, and it's usually hit or miss as far as how often I see him during the festival (because it's such a large event), but this year I got to see him a lot! I also danced for 6 hours on Friday, 14 hours on Saturday, and 4 hours on Sunday (by Sunday my body was absolutely screaming at me to not move! ... Let alone dance haha).
The Dance Flurry is one of the events in my life that I look forward to most each year. It consists of several different venues all over down town Saratoga, and there are venues that teach dance, that are just dances, that are musical performances, and also dance performances. The dance types range from all forms of Latin dances, swing dancing, contra and square dancing (that's where I usually am for the whole week, with the occasional stop to Latin and swing dances), and SO much more! It's truly an amazing experience.

Coming Up?
And no, I do NOT mean basketball... I mean BIRTHDAY MARCH MADNESS!!! There are so many family birthdays in this hectic month (mine and mom's the most important!!!), along with my spring break, my h.s. musical and midterms (blagh, midterm on my birthday this year! >:-I).
Sooo... please do not be offended if you don't hear from me for another month or so!!

All My Love <3