Friday, January 23, 2009

Care Instructions for Shayna

Care Instructions for Shayna
By: Stephanie Martin

1. Do not encourage dancing, but accept that it will happen.
2. Don't let her eat a whole bar of chocolate, she will never sleep.
3. Too much choffee, and she will talk all night.
4. Ignore her LOST addiction, and her terrified shrieks every eight minutes.
5. Make sure no attractive people are in the hall when she tries to do high pockets.
6. Number six was regretfully too inappropriate to post onto this blog.
7. She will talk about boys ALL THE TIME, nod and laugh a little. -kidding
*She likes to hide in the closet, sing, and color. But she's relatively harmless*
(Previous Caretaker)


HeidiTri's said...

Too funny.

Felicia said...

Number 7 sounds a lot like me when I was in college, too!!!! lol!

PennyCandy said...

You are a hoot!!!

Doohickie said...

High pockets???