Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanting to Do More

I recently got the idea to go visit some family down in Arizona during my Winter vacation this year, and the thought soon became a desire to hike the Grand Canyon.

Looking at the Grand Canyon website, I'm realizing that hiking the it during the winter is probably not completely logical... However, this winter vacation I would really like to do something amazing; Whether it be traveling to site see (as in the Grand Canyon) or traveling to help people who are less fortunate than myself.

I know a group of friends from my high school who travel to Mexico every Winter break to help build as many houses as possible in three weeks for families who don't have adequate living situations. I have always thought that would be an amazing thing to do, but have no idea where to get involved in something like that.

I'm going to start researching online to see if I can find anything for this Vacation, but if anyone knows of any organizations that are legit and would take me at this last minute, please let me know!



PennyCandy said...

Shay I am sure that there is something you could do along the coast of Texas because of all distruction from the Hurricane. I know church groups go on a regular baisis you might want to check into it that way.

Doohickie said...

It's not as exotic, but there is a lot of stuff you can do locally. Look into the local soup kitchen, library or Habitat for Humanity to see how you can help on the cheap!

I once read that the cost of the average foreign mission trip is enough to fund much more mission work than the single person can do while they're there. In other words, if you were to fly to Mexico, you could do work for a week and that would be that. But if you donated the cost of your plane ticket, you could pay for ten times more work, or something like that.

It's not very exciting, but charity starts at home.